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Dec 5, 2018 by Bobby

What is Kinky Boots About?

Kinky Boots is a Broadway musical containing music and lyrics written by  Cyndi Lauper and there is also a book with name Kinky Boots by Harvey Fierstein. It’s one of the most popular shows now going on Broadway and it’s a real sensation. The musical can be described as simply dazzling, with an uplifting spirit.

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Nov 7, 2018 by Bobby

What is the Book of Mormon about?

Book of Mormon is a popular satirical musical that is a Broadway hit. It is based on the Book of Mormon which is a sacred text part of the Latter Day Saints movement. The advocates of this movement believe that the book includes writings that belong to ancient prophets who inhabited the American continent between 2200 BC to AD 421.

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Oct 25, 2018 by George

Which Book of Mormon Character are you?

For those of you who don’t know the Book of Mormon is a humorous satirical musical based on the Book of Mormon. The humorous show laughs at the Mormon religion and the classic musical theater. The play with its music and lyrics is created by Trey Parker, Robert Lopez, Matt Stone. This show is also a reflection of its creators’ interest in Atheism, Mormonism and the musical themes that appear in the movie series South Park.

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Sep 25, 2018 by Ara

Which landmarks do Aladdin and Jasmine visit during their magic carpet ride?

Everyone who watched this amazing and charming fantasy movie based on the famous Arabic fairy tale One Thousand and One Nights surely remembers the iconic scene when Aladdin disguised as a Prince takes Princess Jasmine on a trip with the magical carpet.

Sep 14, 2018 by Bobby

Sonya Argiro: Musical theater is closely related to opera

The musical education of the opera singer Sonya Argiro starts in Plovdiv (Bulgaria), where she graduates from the Music School. Her education continued at the Music Academy in Sofia (Bulgaria), and after graduation she continued her studies in the USA. ... read more

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Aug 12, 2018 by Ara

How to Buy Hamilton Tickets?

“Hamilton” is indisputably a SMASH hit. In fact, it may be the most successful Broadway musical in history. Lin-Manuel Miranda’s hip-hop rendition of the story of the “ten-dollar founding father” became a cultural phenomenon in no time and accelerated the careers of many of the original cast members ... read more

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Aug 2, 2018 by Kate

More About Broadway

The Broadway musicals and plays are famous around the globe and the theater lovers of all generations and ages enjoy their incredible performances. When tourists come to the New York City from near and far, they entertain themselves with these amazing shows

Broadway show theatres in New York City are over 37 and each of them offers eight unique performances per week. In fact, Broadway offers about three hundred shows performances per week in total, which makes the cost of ticket sales equal to $20 Million in a weekly basis. The statistics show that about 250,000 tickets are sold weekly, as ... read more

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July 24, 2018 by Bobby

The Magic of Broadway Theaters

Broadway theatres are favorite not only to the USA people but to foreigners from all countries who come to New York with the only goal to enjoy one of these top quality entertaining arts. These performances take place in the Midtown area very close to Manhattan. Usually, they are fully booked months before the performance itself. As a result, often it is difficult to find a single ticket for a certain performance or if there is any, it is offered by speculators highly overpriced ... read more

Oct 22, 2018 by Jay

What Happened to "Sonny" from Bronx Tale?

For those of you who don’t know who is Sonny, he is the mob leader in Bronx which is an Italian-American neighbourhood in Belmont. The original creator of the play A Bronx Tale is Chazz Palmintery.

Oct 20, 2018 by Bobby

What is Bronx Tale About?

A Bronx tale narrates the life of a young New Yorker from the working class who is faced with two life choices: to live following his father’s values like hard work and decency or become part of the city’s organized crime.