How to Buy Hamilton Tickets

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Is there an optimal strategy to purchase tickets for “Hamilton” on Broadway?

“Hamilton” is indisputably a SMASH hit. In fact, it may be the most successful Broadway musical in history. Lin-Manuel Miranda’s hip-hop rendition of the story of the “ten-dollar founding father” became a cultural phenomenon in no time and accelerated the careers of many of the original cast members.

Broadway Pass doesn’t purchase tickets ahead of time but simply connects you to the best available seller (box-office/broker or other) for a flat service fee.

It is not uncommon for a Hamilton ticket, with original, box-office price around $100, to go for several thousand dollars on the secondary market. So this raises the question of how best to approach shopping for Hamilton tickets. Should you buy them ahead of time? Or maybe wait until the last minute for the prices to go down?

We crunched the numbers over the last two months and a found a few interesting features of the “Hamilton” ticket market.