The Magic of Broadway Theaters

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Broadway theatres are favorite not only to the USA people but to foreigners from all countries who come to New York with the only goal to enjoy one of these top quality entertaining arts. These performances take place in the Midtown area very close to Manhattan. Usually, they are fully booked months before the performance itself. As a result, often it is difficult to find a single ticket for a certain performance or if there is any, it is offered by speculators highly overpriced.

However, thanks to BroadwayPass Company, people will be able to visit their favorite theaters and enjoy the performances. BroadwayPass provides you with good value for your money. It makes you feel relaxed that you have found the best possible offer for a Broadway show, so that you can take advantage of authentic experience that cannot be found at any other place.

BroadwayPASS is your door to the theater community that gets you the perfect seat to the most favorite shows available on Broadway. Often, we offer tickets with a great discount. Their cost is less than $200 whereas such seats for the same performances can cost three times more at other places.

Here are the most popular Broadway theaters:

Belasco Theatre – this is among the first legitimate Broadway theaters that can be found at the 44th street. Its old name was Stuyvesant and its capacity is 1016 seats. Among the great features of this theater are good infrastructure, multiple facilities, quality seating and lighting. It is designed by two popular artists Everett Shinn and George Keister and currently is owned by The Shubert Organization. David Belasco was the first to open the Stuyvesant Theatre 111 years ago and only three years later he called the theatre after himself. BroadwayPASS provides tickets for this theater both online and offline at our offices. Attendees enjoyed multiple popular shows played at its stage, such as Hamlet, Dracula, etc.

Booth Theatre – this is the perfect place for refine people to come and enjoy its conserve style and incredible beauty along with the expert play. It can be found at the 45th street and is among the leading Broadway theatres in term of modern and fabulous style. Its architect was Henry B. Herts and its opening has taken place on October 16, 1913 when The Great Adventure of Arnold Bennett has been played. There are 783 seats available in Booth Theatre and the visitors may enjoy the perfect drama set and lightening. It is definitely one of the best theaters in the world that offers the best plays available in the entertaining industry.

Broadhurst Theatre is another great theater owned by The Shubert Organization at the 44th street. This breakthrough classic design and amazing user interface is made by Herbert Krapp. The theatre can accommodate up to 1156 attendees and the tickets for this theater are easily available at BroadwayPASS. The initial play that has been staged here in 1917 was Misalliance by George Bernard Shaw. Since then, its popularity increasingly grows.