What Happened to "Sonny" from Bronx Tale?

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For those of you who don’t know who is Sonny, he is the mob leader in Bronx which is an Italian-American neighbourhood in Belmont. The original creator of the play A Bronx Tale is Chazz Palmintery.

Many of the story’s characters are similar in character to some real local people Chazz met with in his neighbourhood. For the story’s plot he gained inspiration from his childhood too.

Sonny LaSpecchio is self-assured and powerful boss who has great charisma. He emits confidence which is a necessary feature for a mafia leader. Sonny is a truly intelligent man who could have been a better citizen if he had been raised up in a different social environment that respect traditional human values.

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Sonny chose a difficult life on the Bronx streets full of crime, pain, loneliness and sadness for one main reason in his words – simple survival. Mobsters make a big sacrifice with their lives to gain power, fame and make money. Although he is capable of ruthlessly killing an enemy, Sonny shows emotions too and he feels genuine fatherly love towards Calogero.

As the young man grows he shows something of a child-like awe towards the mafia people and it’s fascinated with their way of life although he knows what illegal job they have.

Despite the fact that Calogero knows the mafia members aren’t much lovable people he still wants to join the gangster family. The bar’s genuine owner is Sonny whose personality is really interesting.

What happens in the play?

In the first part of the play Sonny becomes friends with Calogero and shows him to his crew. During his work for the Mafia and from gambling games with throwing dice the young boy earns tips equal to 600$ .

Calogero’s parents Lorenzo and Rosina don’t approve of this. They tell him he shouldn’t go to the mafia-run bar which is close to their apartment building. But Calogero is already a friend to the mafia members who own this bar.

Once Calogero witnesses a murder done by Sonny in broad daylight. Sonny sees him at the murder site after the killing. And at this exact moment Sonny gives him a threatening stare which means Calogero should not speak about what he just saw.

And for this reason when later he is questioned by two cops from NYPD about the murder Calogero doesn’t want to become an informant and tells them he doesn’t know anything. After this Calogero thinks about his decision and asks himself if he did the right thing. When he shared this fact with his father his words are “You did a good thing for the bad man.”

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The mobsters boss later tells Calogero he will be introduced into the mob boss’s close circle of friends. After learning this Calogero feels strong excitement. Because the young man goes to the mobsters’bar more often than before he becomes another one of the bar’s regular customers.

This fact leads to the change of his neighbourhood status. And it comes a moment when Calogero under the Sonny’s guidance is allowed to be one of the players in a dice game of craps.

Calogero really enjoys himself during this game together with Sonny and his friends and he is really surprised about how much money he won. Sonny even nicknames Calogero as “C” and offers him the option to work as a barman in his bar.

Lorenzo and Rosina understandably don’t approve of their son having a business with Sonny. Once Calogero’s father starts a quarrel with Sonny but their dispute turns out to be complex. Although Sonny and Lorenzo have completely opposite personalities, they are very similar to each other because of their affection for Calogero.

Each one of them wants a better future for Calogero and wants to pass their wisdom and life experience to him in order to help him achieve success. Lorenzo preaches working-class philosophy and hard labor.

But despite this fact he wants a better future for his son and encourages him to follow his dreams and don’t miss possible opportunities.

His words are: “Nothing is more tragic than a wasted talent” which is a real proof for his good intentions towards his son.

On the contrary Sonny’s life motto is “Nobody cares.” which he uses very often. It is cynical and it reflects part of his personality. While Sonny is a dangerous criminal with many bad character sides he still shows valuable life wisdom gained at the city’s streets.

Once he suspected Calogero of putting a bomb in his car but later learned the boy is innocent and returned his trust in him.

Once while traveling on a bus together with his father Calogero sees a beautiful African-American girl on the street. Later he recognizes her in school. He meets with her and learns what is her name – Jane.

He falls in love with her strongly. But he is worried about how his love may be perceived by the other citizens in the neighbourhood. Because Jane is of different race their love may not be accepted very well by his neighbours.

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After falling in love with this girl Calogero seeks an advice from both Sonny and Lorenzo which is a natural reaction for him since he feels deep father-son connection with both of them. This is in fact one of the funniest moments in the movie. The question Calogero asks his father is rather indirect. But his father understands what Calogero exactly means and offers his son also an indirect but full of wisdom answer.

When Calogero speaks to the mafia boss about his love Sonny offers him a straightforward answer which can surpass the advice in any self-help book about love relationships. Sonny and Lorenzo offer Calogero two answers that are different in style and utterance. Sonny lends his car to Calogero to go on a date with Jane. Sonny advices him to do a “door test”which is breaking up with the girl after some time and going back to the other “three best women”in the life of a man.