Which Book of Mormon Character are you?

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Book of Mormon storyline

For those of you who don’t know the Book of Mormon is a humorous satirical musical based on the Book of Mormon. The humorous show laughs at the Mormon religion and the classic musical theater. The play with its music and lyrics is created by Trey Parker, Robert Lopez, Matt Stone. This show is also a reflection of its creators’ interest in Atheism, Mormonism and the musical themes that appear in the movie series South Park.

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The main characters of the play Book of Mormon are two missionaries which are very different from each other. They attend the LDS Church Missionary Training Centre in Provo, Utah. The centre is ran by the head of the religious mission – President Mission.

They are sent together to a village in Uganda on a two-year religious mission with the main purpose to convert the local inhabitants to the Mormon religion. When they arrive there they see how difficult the life of the locals is as they are plagued by poverty, starvation and AIDS.

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Another problem they are living with is the fact that their village is governed by a merciless power-thirsty leader who tortures the citizens. Other missionaries in Uganda who had arrived before them didn’t succeed in converting the local citizens to Mormonism.

The reason for this is because the citizens are more focused on their society’s problems rather than the Mormonism teachings. One of the ways for the miserable Ugandan people to handle their tough life is faking happiness.

If you wonder which character you are from the Book of Mormon we will describe you here the main characters in this play.

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Let’s take a look at the main characters in the Broadway play Book of Mormon.

Book of Mormon characters:

Elder Kevin Price
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One of the two missionaries who hopes to be transferred to a mission to Orlando in Florida. This young missionary has a contagious charisma and a handsome appearance. He shows great devotion to his religion and is extremely enthusiastic about everything he does as part of the LDS church missionary camp.

These features make him at first glance perfect in everything. Elder Price is vain and self-confident. The Ugandan citizens find him arrogant and show lack of interest in his preachings. Elder Price believes that if he is fully devoted to his work and prays enough he will be eventually sent to Orlando which is his favourite spot.

At first he is fully confident in his ability to convert the Ugandan villagers but after encountering their indifference he is disappointed. In the play’s end he realizes that the main goal of religion is not to reveal the truth but to offer help to the believers. His hope in the village people turns back. Therefore he and also the other missionaries desire to stay in the village and offer help to the inhabitants.

Elder Arnold Cunningham
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Elder Cunningham is a pathological liar and seems unable to tell the truth. He cannot follow the dialogue the missionaries should follow. Cunningham has a nerdy personality full of insecurities and can be quite annoying sometimes. His character is completely opposite to this of Kevin Price. He is a bit overweight and shares with the local inhabitants his fascination with Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings. One fact about him is that he has never read the Book of Mormon.

This is the reason why when he preaches to the Ugandan local citizens he makes up by himself most of the stories. He mixes up bits of what he remembers of Mormon doctrines with foreign cultural ideas and science fiction in a creative way.

The stories he tells the villagers concern the issues of the life in war zone Uganda which is full of hardships. At first his public doesn’t want to listen to him but after hearing his interesting narrative they get interested in the end.

As his fellow missionary Price leaves the village, Cunningham should continue the convert mission. he daughter of Mafala – Nabulungi asks him to move the village to Salt Lake City where a better and richer life awaits them.

The Ugandans embrace the Mormon religion and eventually want to free themselves from the General’s despotic rule.

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She has a cheerful personality and it’s a really friendly and outgoing person. She believes to every word from Arnold Cunningham’s made-up stories which makes her seem naïve. Nabulungi’s biggest dream is to visit Sal Tlay Ka Siti which she humorously calls Salt Lake City. She dreams to move to live in this city as she believes life there is better and more fulfilling.

Until the play’s end she falls in love with Arnold and even wants to help the elders in their job. But her feelings are shattered since the Mormon President who visited Uganda told the locals they will never be true Mormons. She gets angry because of the fact that Cunningham included lies in his stories and he is not that person he pretends to be.

Her neighbors in the village explain to her that the stories should not be taken literally and their meaning is simply metaphorical. So she forgives Arnold and offers her help to him and the other missionaries who decided to stay in the village to restore it.

Mafala Hatimbi
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He is Nabulungi’s father and a member of the Ugandan tribe. In the play he acts as Price’s tour guide. Mafala serves as a local leader in the village. He adores his daughter and will do everything to protect her. When Price and Cunningham arrive in the village he treats them in a friendly way. Despite the fact that he is affected by AIDS he doesn’t complain and keeps a positive attitude.

General Butt-Fucking Naked
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The oppressor of the Ugandan village. His character is pretty straightforward. His main purpose in life is to have ultimate power and to make his subjects suffer and obey all his orders. He often threatens the Ugandan people with murder. In the play’s end the villagers revolt against him and expel him from the village.

Elder McKinley
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One of the leading Elder missionaries and the current District Leader of the church in Uganda. He meets with Arnold and Price in Uganda advices them to apply a well-known method for dealing with negative emotions caused by the difficulties of Mormon life.

He tells them they should turn them off like a light switch. His secret is that he is homosexual but he doesn’t want to reveal this fact yet and suppresses his feelings which are against the rules of his religion. He secretly likes his fellow missionary Kevin Price. Mc Kinley is a fan of tap dance and wears colorful clothes.