Which landmarks do Aladdin and Jasmine visit during their magic carpet ride?

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Everyone who watched this amazing and charming fantasy movie based on the famous Arabic fairy tale One Thousand and One Nights surely remembers the iconic scene when Aladdin disguised as a Prince takes Princess Jasmine on a trip with the magical carpet. The movie Aladdin produced by Disney surprises with many exciting moments that fascinate the imagination of adults and kids alike. This moment of the movie seems so perfect and it’s probably the most romantic in the whole movie.

It's hard not to fall in love with this amazing romantic Arabic story which has won the hearts of both adults and kids around the world. Jasmine and Aladdin’s trip with the carpet is definitely one of the most exciting parts of the movie. This trip with the magic carpet became symbolic part of this animated movie and is really recognizable by everyone.

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It is true that Jasmine and Aladdin pass through many places that are famous around the world. For those who watched the whole movie won’t be difficult to remember all the places that Jasmine and Aladdin visited during their trip with the magical carpet. In this article we will give special focus to this beautiful scene from the movie that is as if imprinted forever in our minds and we hardly will forget it.

The scene where Jasmine and Aladdin soar trough many places with the magic carpet has become symbolic of the free rebellious spirit and the true and unlimited love.

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What are the spots Jasmine and Aladdin went to with the magical carpet?

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Actually Jasmine and Aladdin go through many places in the movie and pass many kilometres wth the magic carpet in one single night. There are speculations that Agrabah is a modern day Bachdad and therefore Jasmine and Aladdin soared through Bachdad to Cairo, Athens and China. When talking about kilometers, the distance between these cities is estimated to be 1100km.

During the scene of the trip with the magical carpet Aladdin and Jasmine soared with the carpet around Agrabah marketplace.

By passing Agrabah’s Bazaar Jasmine is able to see that there are many poor people living in the kingdom. Because she is a kind-hearted princess she cannot hide this facts from herself and not feel pity to the peasant citizens.

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Jasmine and Aladdin passed Cairo went to China and saw some buildings with Chinese architecture. During this moment there were fireworks there.

Jasmine and Aladdin saw also the Sphinx in Egypt and the Pyramides. In the movie their appearance caused an Egyptian worker to chop off the nose of the Sphinx

Jasmine and Aladdin passed through Greece and saw some Greek architecture. There they saw a cupid statue and the Greek Pantheon too.

Jasmine and Aladdin definitely learn something about these foreign countries from the beautiful sceneries they see.

Their starting point is in Agrabah (or today’s Bachdad). They go to Caïro, pass through Athens (or the city of Olympus in the fairytale). The third city in their trip is China after which they go back to Bagdad (Agrabah). If we accept if Aladdin and Jasmine are travelling at a speed of 1876.05 km per hour therefore their trip in miles is:

  • From Bagdad to Caïro: 804.377 miles
  • From Caïro to Athens: 856.443 miles
  • From Athens to China : 5968.128 miles
  • From China back to Bagdad: 3357.658 miles

So Aladdin and Jasmine managed to pass a total of 9325,786 miles or 15008.40 km.

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In conclusion, we cannot be 100% sure how many miles Jasmine and Aladdin passed on their trip. In the last moment of the magic carpet trip scene when they kiss they are in China. Since they stop from time to time we cannot tell exactly how many time they spent at each world destination.

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Aladdin and Jasmine`s song

During their trip with the carpet in the movie the musical background for the scene is the romantic duet song "A Whole New World". We cannot imagine this particular scene without this amazing song which wins your heart right from the start.

The song appeared in 1992 and was composed by Alan Menken and the lyrics are written by Tim Rice. This musical masterpiece duet is sang by the singers Brad Kane and Lee Salonga as they voice Aladdin and Jasmine. The song won Academy Award for Best Original Song at the 65th Academy Awards and also Grammy Award for Song of the Year at the 36th Annual Grammy Awards. This makes it the first song property of Disney to receive such an award.

The name of the song indicates to a subtle message. It’s the fact that Aladdin helps the Princess to escape the confines of the Palace and see a “whole new world. ” This trip opens Jasmine’s eyes to the world and she sees that are other things on the world besides her father’s palace.

With this trip Aladdin shows Jasmine exactly what is a life of freedom and that it has nothing to do with money, treasures and unlimited royal power. He also uses this trip as an opportunity to express his strong love to Jasmine and acknowledge it to the whole world. Another fact for this song is that Adam Jacobs and Courtney Reed performed the song as Aladdin and Jasmine in the film's Broadway adaptation in 2014.

A single version of the song appeared in the same release year and was performed by the American recording artists Peabo Bryson and Regina Belle. This version of the song is played in the movie's end credits and it’s connected to the soundtrack as "Aladdin's Theme".

This version of the popular song got a second place on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart on March 6, 1993. It replaced "I Will Always Love You" by Whitney Houston. This also really popular song which was a popular hit then, kept its place at the top of the chart for the record time of 14 weeks .

The song became a gold record and sold 600,000 copies only in the home country. The song took the place with number 12 in the UK Singles Chart in 1992. "A Whole New World" is the first and only song from an animated movie made by Disney so far which got the top position in US Billboard Hot 100. A single version of the song was later added to Belle's studio album Passion in 1993 and to Bryson's studio album with the name Through the Fire in 1994 .

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The magic carpet has a personality too

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If you have watched the movie you probably know that the magic carpet also has a personality and moves like a living being with feelings. Although it’s just a carpet at first glance, the carpet is super enigmatic character. It has pretty cheerful personality which can make you laugh. During the Aladdin musical you can see how the magic carpet interacts with everyone and expresses its emotions and feelings too.

The magical carpet from Aladdin’s story has been stuck in the Cave of Wonders for many years (the exact number of years the carpet has been staying in the cave stays unknown facts in the movie).

Aladdin’s enchanted carpet not only can flight with great speed but also proves to be an intelligent creature with a human level sentience and specific individuality. In some situations the carpet shows that it has great insightfulness. It figures out quickly what is going on before the other even though it doesn’t express it as clearly as a living being. Although it doesn’t have a face and cannot speak or make sounds, the carpet easily shows different emotions.

The carpet is an old friend of Genie mostly because of the fact that the carpet and Genie spent so much time in the cave together. This is also the reason why they are such great partners and work well together.

A fun fact for them is that the carpet always wins Genie in any game they choose to play which is a sign of his clear thought and focus. The carpet can play a variety of games such as chess, pool, card games.

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The carpet proves itself to be a reliable friend to Aladdin and his friends and it has a great sense of responsibility. Although it’s not a human being or an animal the carpet has a kind heart. It is ready to save its friends’ lives at any time which is why Aladdin is sure the carpet is able to save his life and this of Jasmine’s at any time. The carpet can catch people in mid-air and transport many people sitting on it over long distances.

The carpet has also a playful personality and shows a sense of humor despite the fact it’s not very talkative. In the movie we can see the carpet acts just like a human being by using its corner tassels as hands and legs. Although it cannot talk the carpet expresses a variety of emotions and moods. It can fall asleep, give kisses despite the fact it doesn’t have a mouth. We can see from the scene where the carpet gives Jasmine a hand kiss.

The carpet shows annoyance when Aladdin lies to Jasmine that he is a prince when Aladdin and Jasmine go on a trip with the carpet. This is the only time when the carpet shows a negative emotion towards Aladdin. Despite the fact that the carpet doesn’t like the fact Aladdin fakes his identity, it still helps Aladdin achieve the things he wants and be with the love of his life – Jasmine.

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The carpet not only provides a means of transportation for the heroes in the movie, it’s a true brave hero too. Although it is just a carpet, Aladdin’s carpet is a loyal sidekick and definitely deserves its important place in the whole team of Aladdin movie heroes. His abilities shouldn’t be underestimated.

The carpet is a trustworthy partner who you can rely on at any trouble. The carpet shows bravery by offering his help to Aladdin at any situation.

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His greatest strengths are high speed, quick reflexes, agility and cunning intelligence equal to this of a human being. The carpet expresses a wide scope of traits and emotion. It shows shyness, heroic bravery, adventurous spirit, loyalty, curiosity, compassion. The carpet shows also romantic thinking, sadness, anger at the enemy.

More interesting facts about the carpet

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The magical carpet’s only weakness is the fact that it is vulnerable to fire, ice or heavy objects that can tear it, pin it or tie it. When damaged, the carpet can only be repaired with the magical abilities of Genie.

In the scene when Aladdin and Abu try to escape the Cave of Wonders the carpet is pinned by a huge boulder. But it frees itself from it just in time to grab Aladdin and Abu and prevent them from falling back into the dangerous cave. This act proves its brave spirit and the fact that it can be at your side whenever you are in trouble.

When the carpet meets Aladdin and Jasmine for the first time it’s a bit shy and hostile. But after the heroes get to know each other the carpet becomes friendly towards Aladdin, Abu and Jasmine and even risks his life to save Aladdin from danger.

The magic carpet joins the company of Aladdin and is willing to help them go through all their adventures and help them with its magic powers. Thanks to the carpet the first kiss between Jasmine and Aladdin happens.

The carpet is more than happy to help Aladdin win the heart of princess Jasmine. Until the end of the movie the carpet forms a strong bond with Aladdin and remains his true friend until the end.

After getting freed up from the Cave of Wonders the carpet is really excited and shows curiosity by flying around and wanting to explore the world which is understandable.

In the movie its true gender is never revealed until the moment when Aladdin encounters genie for the first time and calls the carpet “Rug Man”.

Carpet’s birthday is on the 7th of November.