Aladdin - A Review

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You might be thinking that Aladdin is just another syrupy musical adapted from the Disney animated movies. However, this sensational show is going to prove you wrong!

Directed and choreographed by Casey Nicholaw, the beloved story is brought to life in the New Amsterdam Theatre. Aladdin is a genius interpretation of the popular Disney hit. Put your skepticism away, because this show will set your heart racing.

The magic begins with the opening number “Arabian Nights”. The public sees a colorful scene painting the kingdom of Agrabah. The visuals are glamorous, while the costumes make a glossy first impression. Gregg Barnes (Kinky Boots) knew what he was doing – his costumes boast rich materials, bright colors and ornamentation.

The story follows the beautiful princess Jasmine (Courtney Reed) who represents one of Disney`s earlier girl-empowerment figurines. Jasmine`s father the Sultan (Clifton Davis) is adamant when it comes to finding her a noble husband. But the princess wants to make her own choices.

One day she escapes from the palace and meets the poor, but adorable Aladdin (Adam Jacobs). This is how the magic begins. Aladdin and Princess Jasmine enjoy their magic carpet ride under the sounds of the popular song “A Whole New World”.

The well-known Genie (James Monroe Iglehart) is also there. He makes himself visible in “Friend Like Me”, a flashy number, where he shows his magical powers.

“Just be yourself”, as the Genie tells Aladdin. Following his advice, the show beams with its sincerity. Spirited and dazzling, Aladdin turns Disney`s hit movie into a Broadway success. If a genie had sprung from a lamp and offered to grant you three wishes, you should ask for seeing Aladdin. It is two and a half hours of pure joy!