Beautiful - A Review

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The Stephen Sondheim Theatre is hosting this inspiring show about the life of legendary singer-songwriter Carole King.

Jessie Mueller shows her charms in the leading role, while Marc Bruni directs this Grammy-winning biographical musical. Douglas McGrath`s book is featuring Carole`s bumpy ride to stardom.

The musical opens with the 16-year –old Carole Klein who tries to convince her mother to let her pitch pop songs to a record producer. The scene is set in the ethnic neighborhood of Brooklyn. Despite of her humble beginnings, Carole climbs her way up, song by song by song.

However, Carole is not doing it on her own. She meets the lyricist Gerry Goffin (Jake Epstein) and they start doing music together. The sound of famous numbers like “Up on the Roof”, “One Fine Day” and “Will You Love Me Tomorrow” add to the romantic storyline.

Mueller`s performance reflects Carole`s distinctive voice, but also her inner doubts. When her personal life falls into pieces, the heroine records her best-selling album “Tapestry”. This is when she starts to believe that she has it in her to be a solo performer. A musician that is to win Grammys and perform at Carnegie Hall. So, Carole is not an ordinary artist. She is an artist whose music defines a whole era.

Beautiful – The Carole King Musical resembles the famous classic Jersey Boys. But it is also taking a different perspective. The perspective of a female composer and performer, who struggles with being a working woman in a world of men.

When Mueller sings Beautiful, the public feels the power of music. This beautiful music comes from Carole`s heart. And the audience can sense it.