Book of Mormon - A Review

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If you are in the mood for some smart commentaries and catchy tunes with a reasonable dose of offensive jokes, The Book of Mormon is just the right musical for you.

South Park`s creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone have collaborated with the composer of Avenue Q (Robert Lopez) to create this hilarious, original and fairly foul-mouthed masterpiece.

The storyline follows two young Mormons preaching to the local communities in Africa. Elder Price (played by Nic Rouleau) and Elder Cunningham (played by Brian Sears) are two polar opposites that meet to follow their common mission – spreading the Mormon religion in the third world.

Elder Price is devoted and religious, a real Ken doll representation. Elder Cunningham, on the other hand, is an awkward and bubbly liar. As different as they are, the unlikely couple embarks on a journey to Uganda.

However, the missionaries encounter a reality that is hardly anticipated – poverty, famine and widespread illness. The Book of Mormon is a satire spreading rudeness and offensiveness – not a big surprise given the musical`s creators. Making fun of all things sacred, this show will make you laugh out loud.

You will find yourself humming Matt Stone`s catchy tunes. Beware because the mildly rude lyrics are to stay in your mind for quite some time. Co-director and choreographer Casey Nicholaw has also done a great job. The audience senses the show`s freshness and energy. It`s a gulp of fresh air commenting on serious subjects like beliefs, politics of gender and colonialism.

Labelled visionary by some critics, The Book of Mormon is a long-running favorite. Broadway welcomes the show again and again. And it keeps being irresistibly cheeky. Come to the theater and lift your spirits!