Bronx Tale - A Review

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Set in the dangerous part of Bronx, A Bronx Tale tells the true story of Chazz Palminteri. Opening at the Longacre Theater on Broadway, this show is an gangster classic that is transferring the audience back to the 1960s.

Based on Palminteri`s book and the movie version (directed and starred by Robert De Niro), the musical features numbers by Alan Menken and lyrics by Glenn Slates. The melodies are a perfect balance between smooth grooves and an early rock ` n ` roll.

In the first scene, we encounter the main character Calogero (played by Bobby Conte Thornton as a teenager and by Hudson Loverro as a 9-year-old). The youngster witnesses a horrific shooting associated with Sonny (Nick Cordero), the frightful criminal boss that rules the neighbourhood. Calogero tells nothing to the police following the advice of his parents, who fear that Sonny can take revenge. As the plot unfolds, the boy starts running errands for Sonny that takes him under his wig.

A Bronx Tale is a narrative about a young man`s conflicted feelings and loyalties to his father and the mob boss he starts to worship. Dark and sentimental, the musical version of the well-known story will impress the fans of the genre. The ones regretting the closing of Jersey Boys will surely enjoy this show.

The choreography by Sergio Trujillo and the sets by Beowulf Boritt are just what the public needs for an ultimate Broadway experience. The casting of Jerry Zaks (and co-director Robert De Niro) is well-done, while the actors manage to play their characters with attention to their complex personalities.

A Bronx Tale is the same old narrative. Still, it is brought to life in a way that can enchant the audiences. It is just like comfort food, you can eat (watch) it over and over again.