Phantom of the Opera - A Review

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Did you know that The Phantom of the Opera has won 70 major theater awards? If you haven`t watched this timeless epic, it is high time to do it. More than 140 million people have already experienced this show (over and over again).

If we have to finger the one and only all-time Broadway hit, it would be The Phantom of the Opera. Andrew Lloyd Webber`s masterpiece is the longest-running show on Broadway. But why is it so enchanting?

For a start, the narrative is mysterious, sexual, passionate and innocent all at once. The music is memorable, costumes and set are spectacular and the cast convincing. Makes up for a brilliant theatrical experience, don`t you think? It is no surprise that this show has grossed $6 billion dollars worldwide!

Based on the novel by Gaston Leroux, the haunting Phantom lurks in the Paris opera house, where he tortures the occupants with his mischievous deeds. Then, he hears the voice of beautiful soprano Christine Daaé and his heart melts. Spooky and romantic, this musical is one of Broadway`s precious treasures. “It may be possible to have a terrible time at The Phantom of the Opera, but you'll have to work at it.”, as Frank Rich wrote in his article published at the New York Times.

Directed by Harold Prince and produced by Cameron Mackintosh and The Really Useful Group, this artistic piece is certainly pleasing all the theater fans out there! James Barbour plays the Phantom with ease and style. Andrew Lloyd Webber`s music is filling the theatre with its gothic majesty. And this is how the Majestic Theater suddenly takes the public back in time. Sentimental and hyped, this show stands the test of time.

There is no doubt that The Phantom of the Opera will haunt Broadway for quite some time. It is the kind of theater that will never get old. Why don`t you see it (again)?