Wicked - A Review

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If you are looking for some magic in your life, maybe this show is just for you. Wicked tells the extraordinary story of two witches, whose unlikely friendship is to turn the world uspide down.

One of the most successful Broadway hits, Wicked keeps surprising critics. Labelled mediocre and overly sentimental, the show actually turned out to be the public`s favorite. The Gershwin Theatre is now opening its doors to everyone who wants to experience it first-hand.

Set in the land of Oz before Dorothy`s arrival, this musical is both curious and engaging for all the Oz lovers out there. The “good” witch Glinda and the “wicked” one, Elphaba, are the main characters, who have entertained audiences for around a decade now. Starred by Jackie Burns and Amanda Jane Cooper, the two witches are returning to Broadway to take it by storm.

Wicked is a tale of prejudice, rivalry and friendship. It presents a fresh new perspective, showing the evolving relationship between two young women – one of them green and misunderstood, and the other blond and bubbly.

Choreographed by Wayne Cilento and directed by Joe Mantello, this blockbuster evokes feelings of sentiment. The book by Winnie Holzman appeals to the young women, fascinated by stories about female empowerment. Despite the opinion of some critics, costume designer Susan Hilferty manages to set us in the right mood. As for the music and lyrics written by Stephen Schwartz, they are certainly contributing to the show`s tremendous success.

Impressive and over-hyped, Wicked is a must-see. Being green is still popular, as the New York Times wrote. Why not riding the green wave tonight? Come to the theatre and see what`s this fuss all about.