More About Broadway

The Broadway musicals and plays are famous around the globe and the theater lovers of all generations and ages enjoy their incredible performances. When tourists come to the New York City from near and far, they entertain themselves with these amazing shows.

Broadway show theatres in New York City are over 37 and each of them offers eight unique performances per week. In fact, Broadway offers about three hundred shows performances per week in total, which makes the cost of ticket sales equal to $20 Million in a weekly basis. The statistics show that about 250,000 tickets are sold weekly, as the citizens and guests of the New York City are eager to visit at least one of these special Broadway performances. Because of the constantly increasing demand for these tickets, their price has grown to $98, but you still have a great chance to find these tickets with a discount. BroadwayPass gives you the incredible opportunity to get tickets for the Broadway shows at a significantly lower price.

A great way to find affordable Broadway tickets

Because of the huge amount of tickets that Broadway sells per year, the process of obtaining such a ticket can be quite confusing. Moreover, the tickets are available in the following three forms:

BroadwayPass as a Licensed Discount Voucher Team

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