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Last minute tickets
Last minute tickets
Last minute tickets
Last minute tickets

How It Works

Every day, approximately one hour before the opening curtain, broadway theaters and ticket sellers liquidate their unsold inventory. This is a great way for theater goers to get great savings on some of the best Broadway shows in New York City for a low flat price and no service fees whatsoever! We don’t know ahead of time what tickets will be available (this is a last minute offer!) but we always distribute the best available seats for the most sought-after shows first.

Simply select the date and time when you would like to go, the number of tickets, and cross off up to 6 shows which you don’t wish to see. At your designated pickup time, you can pickup your tickets from our last minute center which is located in the heart of the theater district (just a short walk from all Broadway shows).

You are guaranteed to receive the best available seats for one of the shows which you didn’t cross off.

Last Minute Ticket Center

Broadway Pass Inc

1578 Broadway New York, NY 10036

Phone: (516) 986-8815


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If you wish to make this purchase over the phone please call (516) 986-8815 or visit our Manhattan box office located in the theater district at 1578 Broadway

Frequently Asked Questions

Your tickets will be ready for pickup from our Last Minute Center, located on 1578 Broadway, just a walking distance from all the major Broadway Theaters. Your pickup time is typically around 1-2 hours before the opening curtain. Please be prompt and arrive on time.

You are guaranteed to receive tickets for one of the shows you did not cross off. We don't know ahead of time what last minute ticket offers will be available each day. But we always distribute the best available seats for the most popular shows first!

If your party is 4 or less you will be seated together. For groups of 5 or more we make every effort to put them together, however, especially with last minute offers, we are not always able to put everyone next one another. In these rare cases we may have to split the group (but we will try to place you as close as possible to each other).